Membership Benefits

Convenience, immediacy and coordinated care on your terms are all part of how we deliver peace of mind to our members at COMPREHENSIVE HEALTHCARE.

Each patient member receives convenient personalized service and customized attention, as well as access to coordinated, effective care offered by Dr. London and her staff.

Personalized Service

  • 24/7 doctor availability. Patients can communicate with Dr. London and her staff in person, by telephone, by email or by secure patient portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For emergencies, telephone is the most timely method of communication.  In the rare event that she is unavailable, she is covered by 2 other trusted and well regarded concierge physicians affiliated with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Mass General Brigham networks.
  • Same day (or next day) appointment with Dr. London. Enables the staff to offer the patient members same or next day appointments for most issues.
  • Annual comprehensive exams. Typically can be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.
  • Extended and relaxed appointments. Provide more time for individual attention.
  • Little to no wait time. Our limited patient base means less waiting time in the office.
  • Prompt response to patient calls. Our staff is committed to serving and getting to know each patient member.
  • Wellness plan. A personalized wellness plan that is updated annually and focuses on appropriate screening and early detection of medical problems can lead to early diagnosis and treatment. The patient member will be financially responsible for wellness plan services that are not covered by the patient’s health insurance.
  • Physical fitness evaluation. We will assist you in coordinating a personalized exercise plan that is based on a person’s health, level of fitness and personal goals. The patient member will be financially responsible for all physical fitness consultations and evaluations not covered by health insurance.
  • Nutrition services. Personalized nutrition consultation and nutrition planning is available. The patient member will be financially responsible for nutritional that are not covered by the patient’s health insurance.
  • Mental health screening.
  • Immunizations. We can arrange for most routine immunizations in the office.
  • Laboratory Services. Diabetes, EKG, hemoglobin, and Spirometry results are available in our office with results at the time of the visit.
  • Handicap-friendly. The office is handicap friendly and meets Americans with Disability Act standards.  There are numerous handicap parking spaces in the garage.  The office is directly across the hall from the elevators. We also have a state-of-the-art exam table with adjustable height that provides an accessible and a comfortable means of examination.

Customized Attention

  • Patient member advocacy and administrative assistance. Our office staff is dedicated to attentively coordinating the administrative aspects of each member’s needs, including assistance with referrals, scheduling of appointments and tests, insurance claim support and expediting communication of tests results.
  • Referral and Care Coordination. We provide referrals to high quality services and specialists that meet the personal and clinical care needs of each member. On a case-by-case basis, Dr. London will be involved in coordinating and overseeing medical care as needed for patient members when they receive care outside of our office. We coordinate care with specialists and maintain involvement when patient members are hospitalized, or receiving care in rehabilitation facilities, assisted living communities, nursing homes, or at home.
  • Arrangement of Transportation. Upon request, we are able to arrange transportation for a member’s medical appointments. The member will be responsible for any transportation fees.
  • Travel Medical Services. When a member is traveling, whether out-of-state, across the country or overseas, we are able to provide that patient with care coordination if medical needs arise. Prior to a member’s travel, we can assist with guidance and immunizations. If London Medical Group, LLC is unable to provide specific care, we can coordinate with a variety of area travel clinics to obtain any needed services.

Continuity of Care

  • Prescription Facilitation. The majority of prescription refills can be accommodated within 24 hours. For member convenience, we facilitate prior approvals promptly. If needed, we are able to arrange for mail delivery or home delivery of initial prescriptions. Members are responsible for any delivery fees.
  • Holistic and Alternative Care Information. We can provide or arrange to provide information regarding holistic and alternative medical services currently available in the community, including acupuncture, mind-body programs and holistic health programs. We are trained in the U.S. medical model but are willing to explore an integrated program with members as needed. Dr. London can assist with initiation of a healthy nutritional plan and has numerous resources available to her to help you reach your healthcare goals. Specific counseling are available through her office.
  • Electronic Health and Medical Information. We maintain a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) for each patient member. We also facilitate the transfer or copying of medical records from the patient member’s previous physician or physicians’ office. Each patient member will have access to their personal medical record for review whenever reasonably requested.
  • Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative. We are a participating office of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative that was formed in 2004 as an initiative of the 
physician community to bring together the state’s major health care stakeholders 
for the purpose of establishing an Electronic Health Record system that would enhance the quality, 
efficiency and safety of care in Massachusetts.
  • Environmentally Friendly Office. Our use of electronic records allows us to lower our environmental impact and reduce the use of paper whenever possible.